Ever wondered what would happen if people of two opposites field meet and collaborate together. They are experts in their own set of skills but what about coming on the same platform and working on the same project, won’t that be interesting? We can get to learn so much more and we can teach about profession to someone else.

Some months back I got this amazing opportunity to work for a CANADA based innovation company “INNOWARE INNOVATIVE” who try to give a solution for the micro to macro problems we face in our day-today lives.


They have been involved in design and prototyping of some unique consumer electronic products such as wearable chargers, seawater desalination bottle, solar air conditioning system and many more.

There are many countries who create a platform for innovators to bring up an idea which can be designed, prototypes and implemented in the city for a brighter future.

One of this innovation events happen in Dubai called the Dubai Future Foundation. It was established in 2016 to play a pivotal role in shaping the future. This event takes place in collaboration of the government and private entities.

So, this is about January 2020 where I get approached from one of the innovators of INNOWARE INNOVATIVE. His name is Javed Shaikh and he has been working in the field of innovation for two decades now, his expertise ranges into many areas which are mentioned above.

This particular project was a PEDESTRIAN PAVEMENT COOLING SYSTEM. They were working on a modular solar-powered shading and cooling system called ‘Banyan’ to solve the problem of urban heat island effect, especially in tropical latitude countries. This was specifically for Dubai Future Foundation.


The system uses an umbrella-like shading system, solar panels, batteries and thermoelectric cooler modules to cool outdoor air at pedestrian level (between 0 to 6 feet from the ground) during daytime.

At night, rechargeable batteries run LED lights embedded in shading system to light up the pedestrian pavements. Additionally, the protruded umbrella-like design of the shading and cooling system could also be used to harvest and store rainwater during a rainfall event.


The technical aspects were already done, small detailing was remaining in terms of Ergonomics, Spatial Arrangement, Visual and Aesthetics of the prototype. The design is evolved from a Banyan tree and the major functioning also evolves from it.

The placement of the cooling system was derived from the human height and creating a soothing experience for the user. The shape of the shading device above was achieved from a concept of a ‘leaf’ hence it is visually pleasing and serving the purpose.

The basic framework was also transformed by me to make it more structurally viable. This a single vertical pipe above which there’s framework of the small pipe on which the leaf like shading device will rest and the placement of LED lights is seen.

The initial arrangement of the prototype was thought of in a linear pattern. A suggestion was made by me to place it in a staggered format. Now this decision was taken by me in regards to the sun path.

In the linear pattern the shadow castes in the same direction and can be applied only in morning or evening time. But in the staggered format it works in both times.

This is an Urban Landscape Project in which the cityscape is changed for good. Dubai’s weather is characterized by a tropical desert climate with hot, sunny conditions. Summer are very hot, humid and dry with temperatures climbing to 40°C and climbing.

For this type of climate making optimum use of the available resources is necessary. A shading and cooling device is the perfect ANSWER to this solution.

Although this design was not accepted by the DUBAI FUTURE FOUNDATION, but in this process, I learnt so many things and as Architects or as experts in the field we think in a particular direction.

There’s nothing wrong in thinking in a particular direction, but the result which we saw when we did collaborate with other experts is immense. A dialogue/ conversation is very important to be initiated, which opens up new channels for communication, and makes us more efficient in our lives.

Imagine having a format in which we are working with a group of different professionals, we can make the world more livable.

I feel blessed to get an opportunity like this at an early stage of my career where I got an opportunity to explore my potentials and learn from the masters of different field. Hence, I would like to take this moment and share with you guys something what Innoware Innovates Product Co. does, what their mission is and what is their commitment to the environment.

Their goal is to make a diverse range of Products, from drones and wearable to renewable energy systems and establish their products ecosystem in the global market.

They are concurrently designing, prototyping and validating several products in their labs. They are unique and extremely conscientious about our product’s environmental footprints.

Most of their products are designed to use recycled plastic and refrain from using materials that would otherwise be harmful for the environment.

If you liked this blog do visit Innoware Innovates website and say Hi to them. And if you’re someone who has an idea, they are ready for collaborations. Follow them on INSTAGRAM they go by the handle of “Innoware innovates”.

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