How a webinar can shape you into being an efficient and better Architect.

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Welcome back to the blog. Today we have something for you which will help you have a holistic approach towards your professional life. While we were in the pandemic since the last few months, we saw a that a lot of courses & webinars were free of cost. Now that things have started resuming and if you thought that you have missed a great opportunity of learning, then wait, I have something interesting for you up my sleeves.

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and

I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and

I have an idea and we exchange these ideas,

then each of us will have two ideas.

George Bernard Shaw

We can learn from the pioneers in the field of architecture and seminars or now “webinars”, which could be a strong medium for you to find something that resonates with your style of architecture. An inspiration could create a vision/goal for you to have in your life so that once you start your own practice you could have a clear image of what your ambition looks like. And who better than who have achieved all this!

One of the important aspects of “why you should be attending these webinars?” is not just understanding their design philosophies, but also knowing the process of how they started. What difficulties did they face when they started their own respective practices? How did they arrive at the design typology that they have right now? Now these are all segments of a circle.

Let me briefly give a little background of the speakers on the panel.

Ar. Rajiv D’silva

Rajiv D’Silva runs Studio 15,73 a design firm based in Goa. The bulk of his studio’s work these days centers around green buildings and sustainable architecture. In 2014 Commercial Design magazine named him among the ‘100 most influential architects in India’ and in 2019 he was listed by Architect & Interior magazine as among the ’Hot 100’ architects in India. When not designing buildings, Rajiv helps run Goa’s Sunday Evening Quiz Club, one of the most active quiz clubs in the country, and the Goa Bird Conservation Network, an NGO that works towards the conservation of birds and their habitats in Goa.

Ar. Rajiv D’silva

Metamorphosis is exactly this, where the past, present & the future all co-exists.

Ar. Bijoy Ramchandran

Directed by Sunitha Kondur & Bijoy Ramchandran, HUNDREDHANDS is a multidisciplinary design studio whose work draws on a keen sense of the urban. In their projects, often represented in patiently executed analytical drawings, the architects have redirected their focus on the urban context by returning to the questions of scale, character, spatial & visual impact and remaking the public domain, all of which is so vital to the tempestuous urbanism of Indian cities.

Ar. Bijoy Ramachandran

Ar. Joseph Noero

He has been a part of some of the most prestigious moments of South Africa’s architectural history, starting his work right from the disastrous times of the apartheid till now, in a new and economically stronger nation. He portrays metamorphosis in the best way possible, as he has gone through a period of extreme distress to that of a holistic change in the nation, clearly being portrayed in his acclaimed work, having won numerous awards.

Ar. Joseph Noero

Ar. Reza Kabul

ARK is a comprehensive global design studio with three decades of proven expertise in project design and delivery ranging from master plans and townships to industrial, hospitality, commercial, institutional, educational and residential segments. Founded in 1988 by Reza Kabul, headquarters in Mumbai (India) with offices ARK STUDIO PUNE (PUNE, INDIA) AND ARK STUDIO INC (CALIFORNIA, USA) is a full service Architectural, interiors, Landscape Design & Planning company.

Ar. Reza Kabul

Seems like a promising line up for a perfect webinar, isn’t it? 

A yearly franchise of Meraki is being observed since 2014. Congratulating them on the 7th edition of this wonderful and hoping for a successful event this year as well. THIS EVENT IS COMPLETELY FREE. Interested people can register below:

Details of the Webinar:

Date: 11th & 12th September

Platform: ZOOM Application

Time: 4:00 – 7:00 pm IST

JOIN them for this webinar, to indulge into the world of Architecture through the perspective of the panelists.

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