Things you need to know about Worli fort.

This cinque on forts in Mumbai unfolds the timeline of how Mumbai got its form starting of with worli. These are the list of facts compiled.

  • Worli Fort was built by the British. it is often mistakenly referred to as being built by Portuguese. worli fort 03
  • It is built on worli hill, overlooked by Mahim bay at a time the city was made up of seven islands. It was traditionally used as a lookout for enemy ships & pirates.worli fort 02
  • As a result of evolution, it has now built-in temple and gym which is managed locally.worli fort 01
  • Worli fort is surrounded by fish drying yards on the 18th-century marker of Mumbai maritime past. The elevated site presides over the settlement that has developed around it in the recent past.
  • The approach road to the fort is really narrow which results in isolation of the fort, which also causes the problem of solid waste disposal and open defecation that is rampant in Worli koliwada.worli fort 04
  • As a part of the evolution in rising peaks of the skyline, the fort seems lost and history is forgotten because of the changing lifestyle

14 thoughts on “Things you need to know about Worli fort.

  1. Yepp… That road approaching it through Worli Koliwada… With all the houses and chaos… And different “tulsi vrindavans” in front of houses… It’s a totally different feeling altogether..! 😅❤

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